Powhatans Festival of Fiber

Powhatan's Festival of Fiber is pleased to be able to offer classes this year by three very talented instructors. The classes will be indoors, in the Powhatan Rescue Squad Reception Center located adjacent to the Festival field.

Traditional Rug Hooking
Mug Rugs (Coasters)
By Mary Henck
9:30am 12:30

Come and learn the centuries old fiber art of Traditional

Learn traditional rug hooking just like our ancestors! This fiber art uses cut strips of wool fabric woven through a backing to create rugs, pillows, mug rugs and a wide variety of 3-D pieces of art. Students will make a mug rug (coaster) and learn basic techniques of rug hooking.

Mary Henck is a certified rug hooking instructor, teaching at her studio (Mary's Wool Garden) and at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond

Class Cost: $40 if postmarked by April 15th, $50 after April 15th.
Kit: $30.00 will be payable to the instructor at time of class. Kit includes a pattern drawn on linen backing, cut wool strips, a hook and a mug to coordinate with your pattern. A hoop and hook will be on loan during the class and will be available for purchase at the end of class if desired.

Knitted Twigg Stitch
By Donnie Statzer

TheTwigg Stitch is a new knitting stitch invented by Vicki Twigg. It produces a double-sided mirrored reversible knit fabric and can be thought of as Brioche made easy. The class will explore the Twigg Stitch itself as well as various ways to increase and decrease. Two colors of yarn are used, one color held in each hand.

Class Time: 1:30 4:30
Class Cost: $40 if postmarked by April 15th, $50 after April 15th.
Materials needed: Two balls of sticky yarn in contrasting colors and knitting needles appropriate to the gauge of the yarn.

Crocheted Amigurumi
By Nancy Wright

Amigurumi is Japanese for "knitted or crocheted doll". They are small, fun to make, and cute. Amis can be anything from people or animals to tap-dancing cupcakes. The class will get you started with basic techniques and shapes. What you make is up to you!.

Class Time: 9:30 12:30
Class Cost: $40 if Postmarked by April 15th, $50 after April 15th.
Materials needed: A crochet hook (E, F, or G for worsted weight yarn, C, D, or E for sport weight yarn), a small ball or two of yarn (scrap balls are fine), a darning or tapestry needle, scissors, your imagination! Optional: Short (at least 12) lengths of yarn for eyes, mouth, etc., or embroidery floss and needle, scraps of felt, buttons, bits of trim or ribbon, a small sandwich bag of stuffing (stuffing will be provided if you don't have any.)

After acceptance into the class, there is a limited refund policy. Refunds may be requested by contacting powhatansfestivaloffiber@msn.com

Full refund if requested by April 15th.

No refunds after April 15th

Make checks payable to Powhatan's Festival of Fiber. (Note that the kit fee for the "Traditional Rug Hooking Mug Rugs" will be payable directly to the instructor at the start of the class.) There will be a $25 Insufficient Funds Charge for every returned check. Class costs will be $40 if postmarked by April 15th. Class costs will be $50 after April 15th.

Mail registration form and payment to: Powhatan's Festival of Fiber P.O. Box 182 Powhatan, VA 23139

Click here for the Class Registration Form

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